Point of View

The Filipino’s Very Accommodating Nature

More and more foreign nationals had truly been facinated with the Filipino’s very cordial and accommodating nature. As a Filipino myself, it seems that we are by nature gifted to naturally care for other human beings most especially people who are strangers to our native land and foreign to us. Even history could tell us how the Filipinos in the past cared for the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese who influenced us for thousands of years.

It is a God given gift I supposed, that made us extraordinarily accommodating and cordial  to others that making friends is not a problem for us, even when we are situated in another country. We can easily adjust and adapt to different and difficult situations. Our being optimist and positive disposition helps us alot to conquer our fear. And with compassionate spirit we simply manifest this positive gesture working as  nurses, caregivers or even domestic helpers in strange lands (as most of our fellow Filipnos where working abroad as oversseas contract workers) I firmly believed that this is a unique character that sets us apart from other nationalities in the globe. One can never easily fathom the richness of this extraordinary gesture until he/she lives long enough in the company of Filipinos.

One notable character that I could justify this unique and God given gift, is the fact how Filipinos would accommodate and care for foreigners in their homes or in hotels and restaurants; being very mindful of the welfare of foreign nationals in our territory. Our ready smiles and friendly gestures all would be freely given without asking anything in return. The sheer joy of caring is good anough for us. Evidently, even our people working overseas as care givers or nurses exemplify this very virtue of kindness and compassion.

Our optimistic view in the face of adversity and struggle had won us great blessings. As every one knew that the Philippines is always visited by storms and floodings many times in  a year. Apparently, Filipino’s fighting spirit and positive perspective would say, ” the storm would soon pass and tomorrow will be a great day”. With hopeful heart in the midst of the storm. We are unique in every way.




Positivity And Mind Set

The Beauty Of A Positive Mind

There has been a lot of innuendo about the book entitled “The Secret” (by Rhonda Byrne),

and the book is telling us that there is a way for us to become successful, healthy and happy.  

All these can be possible if you are willing to change your mindset and your perspectives in life.  And everything that you desire can be had, that all will be under your control.  Of course you would say to yourself, if only things were that simple then no one has to suffer and be miserable.  No one has to go through financial crisis and grief 

One would ask; but what is truly the essence of the book-  Secret?   My definition and assessment of the book can be understood in a very simple  term and that is  positive mindset.  I believe in the power of positivity as i had very good and remarkable experiences with it.  Being an optimist can give you positive results.  As it can change the way you look at life, even the way you perceive difficult situations in life.

Moreover, the more you dwell on positive views with hopeful heart and vibrant spirit, the better for you to get a clear understanding that your situation or whatever you may be feeling and going through will soon have an answer and you will surpass all obstacles that comes your way.  Consequently, positive thoughts can bring healing to your depressed state of mind, revived your stamina and will help you to be passionately enthusiastic with whatever that drives you to succeed in life.

I would say that it is no secret anymore.  It is out in the open and everyone knows the benefits you will gain with imbibing positive attitude and mind set.  Our Creator God had a purpose why He placed the brain on top and not at the soles of our feet.  Precisely because our brain plays a very important role; in that it can send impulses to every nerve in our human body.  Apparently, everything starts with how we structure our mind to think either good or bad thoughts. Even our emotions are not directly controlled by our human heart, but that it is solely governed by our human brain which gives the stimulus to feel what it ought to be feeling.

To understand this better, consider those times when you were thinking bad and negative thoughts creeps in; how do you think your body reacts to it?  Isn’t it that you feel your heart would either start to pump harder or much slower than it regularly does and that you will be sweating profusely?  And other vital signs of negative indications starts to appear as well, and thereby making you feel sick, disappointed and depressed.  And worse that can happen you start to develop nervous breakdown.

From here you would see how your thoughts forms your life and even your future. There is a way that we can addressed properly all issues and concerns in our lives by thinking positively and confidently.  By so doing you start to feel differently, with zest and vibrant spirit you know very well that you have the power to counter any difficulties in life. There is power to a beautiful pure heart and positive mindset.

Charity And Compassion

The Depth Of A Compassionate Spirit

To be compassionate is to feel love inside for something or someone, it is perceived to be of genuine care and affection. When i think about compassion all i could remember is Mother Theresa.  I certainly believed she had a very compassionate spirit for the sick, needy and poor.  History would tell us that during her time, she spent it most entirely to taking good care of the sick people in India and sparing no one who needs her help and treatment without being mindful of the kind of disease the person had; be it leprosy, tuberculosis and other illness.  

Mother Theresa’s genuine care and absolute charity and compassion compels her to extend whatever help she could give to anyone who needs it without asking anything in return.  It is a mission for her to care and be of service.  Genuine charity that stems from the heart and not because she had to but because she wanted to serve and not be served.  After all, we knew very well that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

The depth of her compassionate spirit is amazingly real and remarkable. She is blessed to be a blessing to others and her life had been blessed as well.  In the past, prior to Mother Theresa; it is for certain that there were people who also contributed such exemplary work of charity and kindness.  However, most notable of all is the work and compassion of Mother Theresa.  As she did her work of charity for many years.  Ready to spread her wings of compassion from places to places where she is most needed.  Tending to the sick children and adults, giving comfort to the outcast of society, manifesting the love of Christ by the work of her hands.

How i wish a lot of people would be just like Mother Theresa and other men and women who has a heart to genuinely care and live life with absolute compassion and kindness beyond compare.  The earth would be a better place to live. With people living life with distinctive mission and ministry. All for the love of humanity. A Christ centered motive of living with pure love. 

What truly is the essence of compassion?  You may define compassion in so many ways by how you experience it and react on it. But one quote I came across with says:  

“Compassion… asks us to look into our own hearts, discover what gives us pain, and then refuse, under any circumstance whatsoever, to inflict that pain on anybody else.” (Excerpts from Maria Popova-Brain Picking)

From that saying we can derived and fully comprehend that compassion is pure love in action.  With deep urgency of reaching out to people that we absolutely care for with no hidden agenda or personal motive. Not to inflict pain or sorrow but only love with a deep sense of understanding what the person is going through. And this is the kind of love the Golden Rule is referring to.

Reflections And Perceptions

The Soothing Silence of Nature

I believe most people love to be around nature, whether it is frolicking on the beach under the beaming rays of the sun, or perhaps basking under the shade of a powerful tree, climbing steep mountains or just merely looking out at the peaceful glare of the moon at night. Nature is everywhere and it brings soothing silence, calming the spirit and invigorating the mind. And it embraces us in so many inexpressible ways.

For me, my vision of nature that gives me so much serenity and tranquility is looking at and be a witness to a garden of different variety of flowers and blooms. Blooming in delightful hue and cascading its beauty that entices me to take a pick and take it home. I am pretty sure that most women love flowers and other ornamental plants for that matter.  Its vibrant hues is tantamount to the colorful expression of our lives and woven fabric of experiences.  In the past, when I feel down and troubled, I simply retreated to the nearest garden of flowers I could find. Or perhaps find the comfort of strolling  in the beach watching the waves and feel the breeze touching my being and giving me peace within.


Apparently, another view of nature that brings peace to a troubled mind, is looking at the sun that rises in its early morning splendor as if giving hope to shattered dreams and wounded hearts. Hope is what we need in every uncertain circumstances, and that is what nature can readily provide. Most certainly, that is the very essence why it is called “Mother Nature”. Because like a mother it is there to comfort us, give us shade and protection. Synonymously, nature gives birth. Like trees, animals and humans gives birth to its kind.

Where nature spells life. Making us feel truly cared for and loved  The soothing calmness that it provides. To give us peace in troubled times. Times when we need to be alone and be comforted by the splendor of its beauty and the vastness of its majestic view. Where nature is healing us of painful memories and make us forget the unbearable sorrow of loss and grief.

Precisely, just like what a mother does embracing us and making us feel that we are not alone. To each one of us, we define nature in so many ways. However you define it, one thing is for sure; the soothing silence of nature calms the heart and refreshes the soul.

First blog post

Single Joyfulness

Most people believe that being single is such a very lonesome journey and a stressful one, especially considering that one could imagine living a life of total solitude.  One would spell solitude as eating all alone in a restaurant, watching movie solo, walking all by yourself in the park looking at people passing you by with happy faces and holding hand in hand with their sweethearts or maybe strolling with their babies. That everywhere you go seems like your are seeing people with joyful grin and so much love written all over their faces.

Agreeably, I could relate much with this scenarios, as being single myself and for many years i had been eating in restaurants alone, watching a movie solo, walking in the park all by myself and seeing happy faces all around me. Wherever solitude finds me, one thing is very evident in my case; I don’t feel lonely at all (so long as I have a book in hand and pen & paper to write on) nor do i harbor self pity for being alone and living life solo.  I am pretty sure one would ask or tell me how lonely life can be living alone. Obviously, a lot of people hate to be alone even just the thought of it makes them shiver and lonely thoughts comes to mind. And they start to feel depressed and disappointed.

Wait for a minute here, I am not condoning that it is better to live life in a solo plight.  Since whatever is acceptable to me may not be agreeable with the majority.  Ideally, norm would tell us that people are meant to get married and have a family. To work hard and raise children. But in my case, it is quite different and it is more of a choice than idealism. Sure I feel a little bit downhearted knowing that i could never have children and all along i just simply accepted the fact that my womb will be barren forever.  There are times when I day dream and imagine myself having a family of my own and children tagging along walking on the park or basking on the beach with kids enjoying the sun and the waves.  But that is more of my thoughts, still when I open my eyes reality embraces me that I am alone.  

So what made me decide to living solo? After awhile of having relationships and finding in the end that some people would never be faithful and loyalty is not in their league, I became exhausted and finally gave up on trying very hard to keep the relationship going. Then reality hits me and knocked me down. Then I finally decided to live life on my own. And happily that is what I am now.

It is when solitude embraces me and keeps me company in my thoughts, that it is so much better to go solo than live life with someone whose mind is wandering somewhere with someone else. And I did not find that very difficult at all, making me realized that it does not make my life totally miserable and depressing. Whenever I go out and everywhere I go I see people happily enjoying the company of someone special i just felt happy for them; and say to myself…once in my life i had been in your shoes. But now i am joyfully living a different world.

Overtime i became so accustomed to it that it does not make me feel lonesome at all, but with joyful anticipation that each day holds so much meaning and mystery, that i do not need to be with someone else to feel that joy and serenity. Life is more of a choice and this is mine to keep and to cherish for as long as I live.